Saturday, September 1


Leroy and I went to the flea market this morning and had a little fun. It was really HOT, but we wore straw hats. Was really tired when I got home so I watched Miss Congeniality and Meeting the Parents. They were fairly good movies. I was going to cook, but now have made up my mind to go to a meeting so I will not have time. Guess they can have sandwiches ;-).

Haven't worked much on my cooking site, and I'm a little disappointed with will be okay though.

I am making a video of the the world as I see it ;-). I am getting quite self centered lately ;-). I wish there was some way all my siblings could get together. I called my sister Sherry and brother Billy the other evening. Paula and I talk more. I am so glad I have her in my life now!!!! Such a wonderful young woman with a wonderful family. Well, if I am gonna go, I better go get myself together. Hope you are having a nice evening. God is Good and all is well............

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