Friday, September 14


Well the next door neighbor's tree fell down. Just by the grace of God it fell the only way that would not have hit their house, the car, or blocked the road. There are BIG gusts of wind. Up to 50 mph they say. My best friend, Lillie, who lives about 1/2 block away has lost her electricity due to her neighbor's tree falling.

We just watched the memorial service in Washington D.C. for the victims of the Attack On America. Billy Graham did the service with a Catholic Priest and an African American Minister coming up before him. It was 'real'. I have chosen not to comment on the tragedy. It is really too much for me to express opinion on. I'm just sad. For everyone concerned.

The kids are watching Emperor's New Groove on tape, and it is hard to believe that our satellite reception is still on. Funny through tragedies of all kinds, life goes on.

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