Sunday, September 30

Early Morning

Actually it's not too early. After 8 a.m. Jamila and Lee Lee went to a sleep over Birthday party last night so I only have 3 kids in the house. Destiny had went to the party too, but she is too little yet for sleep overs that far from home. I can't believe how different it is to have only 3 children in the house. All are still sleeping! Leroy fell asleep in the Living room last night, so the only background noise I have as I type this is his snoring ;-). I have made my coffee, I can smell the slight aroma of hazelnut. I know the paper is out there, so in a few minutes I'll pad down the drive way in my bare feet to retrieve it.

Ahhhh, I just heard the pitter patter of little feet down the hallway. And there is Destiny! Dry accidents last night......yeah!

Anyone for a breakfast burrito?

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