Thursday, September 6

Hectic Life.......FOR REAL

Yesterday we had a fund raising luncheon for my job (which is with a nonprofit organization for those who don't know). It was great but totally wore me out and all I did was show folks to their seats. I am extremely busy at work and that is not too bad a thing. I like my job, on good days. In the afternoons, I really can't think clearly enough to get much done though ;-)!!

Well, I am off to a meeting. They put me on this Policy Board for Head Start. I know I will not be able to attend much, but I have to do my community thing ;-)!

I have to fix all these pages Saturday or Sunday. My background and banner is gone from my photosite, but that's okay, I'll fix it. Also my dinner page is messed up. Have to work on it and add a dinner someone sent me ;-). Want to try to get some sun too before I go on my medication. They say it makes you not be able to tolerate sun.

Anyway.............see ya'!!!!!!

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