Saturday, September 22

Fruits and Veggies

You know what I really need to do is learn how to make little sauces or something for noodles. It's kind of hard planning meals without meat. Guess I will go get the cook books down and see what they have to say. If I can just get the general idea, I can go from there. I think I have lost a little bit of weight. That is just an extra that comes along with it.

The kids and I did some light cleaning on the house this morning. Leroy is working. Then, we went to Taco Bell. George had one $5 worth of coupons at his Luau last night. He is a part of the Hills. Co. Rec Center's Little Soldier's program and they had a BIG party at the park last night. He bought all his sisters and brother something. You can do that with $5 at Taco Bell ;-). We went by my job and dropped of some of the training stuff I had in my van, and then went to the flea market where they have the cheapest fruits and veggies.

I got up at 5 a.m. to make Leroy breakfast and lunch and then went back to sleep and slept 'til after 9. It was kind of hard getting up this morning, but everything is running smoothly now.

I find myself in tears over the patriotic songs. Jake told me he wanted to enlist when he turns 18. I just can't see it. I wonder if there will be a draft by then. I guess I shouldn't project too much. I need to stick to one day at a time.

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