Monday, September 24

A quick note

Dinner (pancakes and scrambled eggs) is over, kids are clean and suppose to be in the bed. I went to the Dentist today and got my teeth cleaned. It sucked! I have two dead teeth, one right in front that the root has been broken on for about 20 years and the other off to the side. They are turning dark and the dentist wants to do a root canal on the one and take the other one out and do a bridge. I don't have the money for all that, even with dental insurance it would cost about $1,700. I have a small cavaty, but I want to wait til the beginning of the year to get it done. That way I will have my deductable paid for all year.

Work is consuming and it was all I can do just to get through the TON of work related email today. I have to do a couple of web pages for the website. I need to add an icon at the top of CDC's website, but I don't really know how, and don't think I have a good enough graphics software to make it match the rest. I could REALLY use help and/or suggestions!!!

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