Wednesday, September 19


I took off work today to take the kids, Lee Lee and Georgie, to the Dentist. I left work at about 12:45. I plan on going back and doing my jail outreach starting tomorrow, so I also had to go by the court house and get the paperwork stating that my case had been dropped. I figured I would go by and get the kids first, go by the house and get the dental cards, go downtown and get the paperwork I need, take the kids to the dentist and be through.

Every step took a LONG time, escpecially trying to find parking downtown, then they had lost my records downtown and I almost never got out of there. From where I was to get to the dentist there was no quick way, especially since I really didn't know where the office was and had to take the long way. We finally got there almost a half hour late, but that part is okay, because the assholes were redecorating the office and there was no dentist there. They said they had called twice and left messages and that is a bunch of doo doo. Then she said she could reschedule us. Do I have to tell you what I told her?

After I finally got back on my side of town after 4 p.m., all I could do was SIT DOWN. I don't feel bad today though. I don't feel good, but I don't feel bad, and that is good enough for me. All that running around had wore me down, but I went to a 6 pm meeting and it was a cure all :o)! Georgie had cooked eggs for dinner by the time I had gotten home, I gave them cottage cheese and applesauce when I got here so all went well with that. Now Destiny is crying because Jamila won't help her take off her dress to take a bath, and the house is upside down. That's okay with me ;-).

I will go back into the jail tomorrow. I never thought I would. But you see that is God's plan for my life. Sharing my experience, strenghth and hope. God Bless you.........whoever you are reading this post. I hope you are well and life is treating you gracefully. God is love, and all is well.

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