Saturday, September 15

Peaceful Night

I just got back from a meeting, having some carrot, peach & apple juice that I juiced myself. Leroy took the kids to Blockbuster (yes, at this time of night), and I have a few minutes of calm.

Leroy brought home a tall shelf for plants from the job he did today. I've put it on the front porch in front of the window. I like to see plants out side of the window and it also partially blocks the view into the house from the outside. I am one of those people who have to raise the shades every morning and when it gets dark it is easy to see in the house. Our dinner table is right inside that window and folks look in while we eat ;-). So, one evenings we are a little slow to shut the blinds the view will be partially blocked and we will get to see pretty plants outside the window.

Have a nice night! I'm off to take a hot, oily bath.

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