Wednesday, September 26

I have a headache

and my stomach doesn't really feel good either. I went back and helped the guys at HCC (noncustodial parents) do their "master applications this morming. Then, I went to the jail and spoke to a group of women in the Substance Abuse Class. Went back to work and knocked off a TON of email.

I'm out of carrots and apples, so no juice for me. I got pissed when I stopped the fruit stand and they wanted to sell apples 3 for a dollar, instead of 4 for a dollar, so I didn't get anything.

Jake is folding clothes, George is at a meeting for Kenly Little Soldiers, Jamila is at her friends house doing homework, Lee Lee just took a bath because she fell down and hurt her leg in the neighbor's yard, and Destiny is trying to get Jake to put in one of her VHS tapes. Leroy is still at work. He had a fender bender on the way this morning which made him late and he got a $90 ticket for improper changing lanes, but he had his blinker on and was changing and the guy tried to beat him. Oh well. He went to a cardioligist yesterday because he has been having chest pains, had an EKG, so far so good, but he has to have other tests.

I have to cook dinner. So what do you think I should cook, veggie and rice or veggies and pasta............

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