Sunday, September 16

GREAT weekend

Well I spent a great weekend with my girls. We cleaned, went shopping, planted plants, bought a new table clothe and kitchen towels, and burner covers. They are outside eating freeze pops now on this beautiful day in September. I have had quite a bit of energy and have taken advantage of it. The boys have been working with their Daddy all weekend on a man's yard. Georgie (9 years old) made $45, Jake made $80, and I don't know what Leroy made but he gave me $40 to shop with and that is what I used to buy the new kitchen stuff. I also bought thingys to put the VHS tapes in. We have a ton! They were stuffed in a cabinent on the entertainment center. Now at least 80 of them are organized! We really need some paper/cardboard covers for some of them and we could write on that what they are. Lots have lost their covers as time as went by..

I put a new TV and DVD player on lay away at K Mart for Leroy for Christmas. He has really been wanting one, so he's gonna get it ;-). That will be for our bedroom and we will give either Jake or the girls the one we have in their now. I hope Jake buys himself a little TV with the money he made this weekend though!

Well, I am making the family chicken tonight and need to get started! I want a glass of carrot juice too while I am in there. It's early bed time tonight in preparation for the work week and school.

Hope your weekend went well!

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