Friday, September 7

First cup of coffee.....

If I can just get this first cup of coffee down, I will have it made. DID NOT want to get up this morning. Have made Leroy's breakfast and a couple of sandwiches for him for lunch. Boys are up and ready, now it is time to get the girls up. Jamila (8) picks out her own clothes now, and does her own thing except for her hair. Soon I will take a picture of that child's hair and let you know what I have to deal with! I have to do most everything for Lee Lee, but her hair is not that hard to do. I have to dress Destiny still, she can basically do it, but it always ends up backwards and inside out. Isn't that weird? I wonder what the odds are of clothes ALWAYS ending up backwards and inside out.

I have not heard from my friend Daniel in a while. I guess he's a big shot Microsoft Technician now and doesn't have time for his blogger buddy ;-)!!! I'm teasing of course. I have met such wonderful folks on the Internet. One, I had talked to for years, Al, he is an older man who lives up North. Anyway.....I have not heard from him in a while and I am worried. Seems like if you have friends online, and something should happen to you.....a person should instruct their family how to inform those friends. Are we any less friends because we don't see each other in person, I think not. In a lot of cases you even share more with your Internet friends. I'm not sure why ;-).

Well I have been typing 10 minutes and I have girls to work with. Hope your day is good. I'm starting out a train (I like trains)......but I am going to pick up steam soon ;-)!

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