Sunday, September 23

So far, so good

Coffee is made and in the process of being consumed. The three girls were up early watching cartoons, they are eating fruit loops and english muffins now. Teeth all brushed and faces washed. Paper is on the table waiting for me.

Georgie got up, but was acting I sent him back to bed to try again. Told him to come back out when he thought he had settled down some. Next step is to get beds made and rooms straighten though. Get dressed, and then back to get another cup of coffee and see what's in the paper.

Leroy is working AGAIN today. He gets off at 10 though hopefully, but has to go do some lawn maintenance which is his side business. I will stay home and try to get some stuff done around here. He will probably take the boys. If I am feeling perkier, I might even try to go and help. As it is, I just coordinate the work, schedule, do the billing, etc. to check my email!

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