Tuesday, October 30


Well, work is going fine. I am actually getting stuff done. Sending myself messages on my Palm Top constantly because I can't remember my own freakin' name 90% of the time. It is working though and that's what counts.

I am working on a few web pages for the Virual Trade and E-Commerce Center here at work. Easy stuff. Just text and links. I will put links to them here when I get them done. I have TONS of other stuff to do though as well. I actually have to time everything I do now, so I can get it done. Kind of squirrely, huh?

My piggie at Swine Online is doing well. If you are playing this, please email me and let me know what your piggie's name is and I will try to beat your butt ;-).

I've started feeling better, must be because I am about ready to go home. Then, by the time I get home, I will be pooped again ;-).

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