Sunday, October 28

Rough night, better day

My new weekly shot kicked my butt last night. It was like it settled in my joints, and I was in big time pain. This morning I have felt better, I went and got groceries and am putting them up a little bit at a time.

Anna (Jake's Girlfriend) spent the whole day with him yesterday so that kept him busy. I'm really glad because he would have been lonely. Leroy went and got her late last night and took her home.

Jake is getting out of the hospital today. They cut out his toenail and have been giving him those IV antibiotics, soaking his toe, etc. I will go get him in about an hour. One thing I hate is waiting at the hospital for someone to get out. I want them to have everything done and all I have to do is pick him up.

The kids are helping us straighten up the house. Leroy has been folding clothes, and I am working on the kitchen. I am going to make Dumplings tonight. My buddy Kindly Rat needs to make a trip down to Tampa and get him some.

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