Thursday, October 25

Destiny Update

When she got home from the daycare yesterday, she was really ill!! High temp, lethargic. Jacob said her breath smelled bad so I look at her throat and it was VERY swollen, red, and had pus pockets (sorry) on her tonsils. I had called the Doc yesterday and they said if she was not better by today to bring her in. It was my intention to take her in this morning.

She had a low grade temp about midnight, but this morning she had no temp, was active, and the pus pockets were gone, swelling and reddness had gone down. The power of prayer!

Well, my piggie is gonna die. I have no more food or money online for him. I am pissed because the game is suppose to last for 7 days but he is 9 days old and I ran out of stuff to feed him. I will start again tomorrow, but I am very dissappointed!

They still have not called Leroy to start that job. I hope they hurry. I had to give Jake 55 dollars for his Driver's Ed class and temp licsense today. That had to come out of savings.

I got to the Liver Doc today and find out how my blood work looks on this medication. I know it kicks my butt! Some days are okay, so are not. I don't EVER have high energy, or feel romantic. I tried some Noni juice that Jacob's Girlfriend's mother gave me. It seems to work a little, but tastes SO bad, it is hard to take ;-)!

Jake has really settled down. I am so proud of him. He used to be such a player. He has made a big change since him and Anna have gotten together. He was always a good boy, but had girls coming out of his ears. I am happy for him.......and her ;-)!!!!

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