Saturday, October 20

The Economy

Well, Leroy got laid off his job yesterday. I like to believe that God closes one door, to be able to open another. I hope the other one open's fast, because it is the right around the holiday's, plus our bills are higher than just my income.

Jake went and spent the day with Anna (his girlfriend) and her family yesterday. They went to the movies in the evening. Georgie went to a Halloween party. Georgie will be going to Raymond James Stadium tonight and Jake is going to a Hockey game with one of his friends. In the mean time, they are all cleaning the house! I have to go get groceries soon.

This is the first Saturday Leroy hasn't worked in about 2 months and he has some stuff on his trailer that has to go to the dump and he is doing that today. The guy whose house he got the stuff from has to reimburse him for the dump fee. I hope he does it fast ;-)!

I had put Leroy a new TV and DVD player on layaway at K Mart for Christmas, but if he doesn't get a job by next week I will get the money back on it. We need your prayers. Leroy needs a job. The Lord will provide though!

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