Saturday, October 6


Busy at work, busier at home......combined with this new medication therapy and this has been a crazy week! It's amazing how much a human being can endure ;-). I figure if I can give birth to 6 kids, I can do anything though!

Well, I have errands to run this morning. Have to go pay on the lay away at K Mart, deposit Leroy's check, go get groceries. Lee Lee and Jamila spent the night at their "Aunt" Lillie's (my best friend) house last night. It was her twin's birthday. Today at 4 pm, George and his "Kenly Soldiers" group are going to Orlando to one of the amusement parks there. I forget which. Jake went out to eat with his new girlfriend and her family last night. She has a very nice family. I really like her mother. I don't even know what time they got home last night ;-)!

I better go get dressed. I'm gonna give Jake another hour before I have to wake him up, so I can go. I may take George with me.

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