Sunday, October 21


Only Destiny and I are up. She's kind of sick. Sneezy, cough, slight temp, stuff nose. I'm going to have to go to Eckards and get her some over the counter medicine.

Leroy stepped on something last night and cut the shit out of his foot. Blood everywhere! I got the bleeding stopped and it rapped up and all, but when he went to get Jake from the game it started again. Before I got in the bathroom, when he had first cut it, he was just sitting there with some blood soaked TP letting it bleed on the tile floor. I got him to put it over the tub and applied pressure with a white wash clothe, got some peroxide on it, etc. Sometimes I wonder about him and what he would do if I wasn't there to take care of him.

I may make French Toast for breakfast. I can do a couple of things before the kids get up. I feel pretty good this morning. I usually do if allowed to sleep as long as I want, and can relax in the morning. :-(

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