Tuesday, October 9

Work, and more work

Leroy had his biopsy yesterday, he was back to work today, and him and both boys are now out doing a side job. Cleaning and clearing four lots. I was back to work today, but didn't get much accomplished. I did cook a good dinner tonight. Whole wheat noodles and mushroom soup sauce with chopped broccoli, salad and bisquits.

Jamila (8) is washing dishes, and Lee Lee (6) is sweeping the dining room floor. The kids want me to bake cookies for Halloween, and I am going to try my best to have enough energy to do just that. I love to bake and do stuff for the kids! I haven't felt much like it lately, but I hope to get some energy back. A friend of mine was telling about this thing called Reiki, that is a transferal of energy. It probably sounds weird to you, but I am kind of open minded right about now.

Well, the little girls Lee Lee (6) and Destiny (3) are both bathed, I am going to give them all some store bought cookies and then it is off to bed! I need a hot bath and a soft bed ;-)!

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