Saturday, October 20


Well, I made bean burritos, with refried beans, Velveeta Cheese, sour cream and lettuce, for dinner. I also made two sweet potatoe pies. Leroy LOVES 'tater pies.

I was able to get back on to Swine Online and Pooter (my pig) is still alive. He is up over 700 pounds now. You really need to play this game. It's a lot of fun!!

Jake is getting ready to go to the Hockey game, he worked all day in the house. Just finished the last of the laundry. Lot of help my teenage son. Don't know what I would do without him. I have read lots of blogs by teenagers who are getting high and doing Ecstasy, etc. I don't know what tomorrow will bring, but right now Jake's main interest is female ;-). Must be the Snyder blood in him.

My pies should be cool by now. They smell great!!! Wish I had a digital camera......I'd take you a picture in smellavision ;-)!

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