Monday, January 3

Okay, back to work and tomorrow the kids will be back to school. Jake went back to Washington yesterday. Things are getting back to normal.

The kids are "home alone" today, but of course Georgie is 13 now, so we're legal.

The weather is WONDERFUL. Upper 70s during the day, cool in the mornings.

I am getting out 125 merge letters today. I have an appt. at 2 and will go home from there. I have been here since 6:30 and don't take a lunch.

I think I will start going by the Y after work starting tomorrow. I have lost quite a bit of weight in 2004. I weigh 182 right now. Down from 213 the beginning of the year. I can get back in size 12 shorts again, and that is wonderful for me!! I need to tighten up now!!!

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