Sunday, January 2

Happy New Year!!!!!

Lots of stories to tell if I got started. Most of which I think are delightful, but may not appeal to all tastes. I had forgotten there were sub-cultures of individuals that would probably think our way of living is boring, or whatever.

Guess you noticed, I have been in deep thought about alternative lifesyles, etc. I can remember my liberal past, but it doesn't change the conservative heart I have now. I like having an old-fashioned household in so many ways. The only part I wish is that we had "sure enough" money and I could spend even more time at home.

I am fortunate in my job though. I have a wonderful, understanding supervisor. I appreciate her (and no she doesn't even know about this blog)!

I'm happy, but I have found what I was missing in my life. I always felt (when young) that there was a hole inside me, an emptiness. I spent years trying to fill that void with drugs, casual sex, etc. It took me getting a little more mature to realize that the void I felt inside me was the place that Jesus leaves for himself. If I filled the void in my life with him, then my life should be in HIS will, and as perfect as it can be in a world of humns.

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