Tuesday, July 29

You know I have been surfing the web. I don't have a lot of time to do that recently, but somehow with the kids at Vacation Bible School, Jake working at Busch Gardens, and Daddy helping his friends........I found the time.

You know what I found out? Some people truly dislike Christians. I mean they literally stereotype Christians as ugly, nasty, mean people full of hate.

I wonder why I didn't know this was going on. I mean, I am a Christian. I am opinionated. I admit that. I believe the Word of God. Word for word.

That means I love God's people. All of them. That is my job....to show the love of Jesus to others. Should I then, criticize my fellow man for not believing as I do? ABSULUTELY NOT. Should I let them know what I think the truth is? ABSULUTELY.

I just want others to know the same peace that I know.

NOW....the big question..............do I sin??? You could not have been reading this blog long or you would know that I screw stuff up royally!!!!

Wonder how I missed it though that some people hate us because we love Christ.

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