Sunday, July 20

In early June,

The day before Jake was to go on the missionary trip (a Sunday) he was suppose to go to the big send off at the church. He was scheduled to work, but Pastor asked him to ask me to call work and cancel out for him. He didn't mention it to me. I was scheduled for school that Sunday and was not aware of the big send off.

The night before (Saturday night) his girlfriend showed up at the house at 11:30 a night. When I went to get Jake he wasn't in his room, he eventually showed up. He had snuck out of the house and had tried to meet her half way. I fussed at him and led him in the house and told the girl to go home.

The next day (the day of the send off) he left for work, I left for school, but had told him to get off early to finish the packing, etc. for the trip and we were to go to church that night. When I got home and he was not at home I went to his job so they would let him off and we could get all the stuff done that needed to be done. They told me he had not even been to work, but had called in. By the time I got back home, he was here. I asked him how work had been and he said fine. I then told him I had been to his job, etc.

We went to church that night, but I was mortified by what he had done and could not hide my distress. When I spoke with Pastor about it, he said Jake could not go on the trip. Jake had been taking his time and goofing around learning his lessions the whole time and then him lying to Pastor about asked me to call in for him, and the entire situation made Pastor decide that Jake was just not ready to go. Everything had already been purchased apparently and that was just that.

After that things went straight to hell, with Jake leaving the house for 24 hours and refusing to go back to church. I missed church waiting for him to get back ready to go, and I don't do well when I don't go to church. LOTS of stressfull things happened in the month after all that to include me having a surgery to remove a lump from my breast.

Things are pretty much back to normal now, but that is what happened. I haven't told anyone who hasn't asked because I am still too mortified about the whole situation.

I appreciate you supporting Jake in this matter, and it just kills me that it ended up the way it did.

Long story huh..............

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