Thursday, July 17

A Unique spiritual, Mental and Physical System
for Healthy Weight Loss

Matthew Anderson, D. Min.

THE PRAYER DIET is a comprehensive approach to both short and long-term weight loss and meaningful spiritual growth. You will be introduced to the life and body changing power of prayer as the central ingredient in an effective weight loss program. Then using prayer as your daily and often hourly guide, you will explore and transform the real reasons you overeat and also deepen your love for self and God.
A few passages from the book:

"What if you came to see that your excess weight is actually a pathway that can lead you to the most wonderful gifts that God can give you? What would you pray for then?"

"What if one prayer could change your mind, two could change your heart and three could change yopur life? When would you stop praying?"

"What if your belly hunger is really spiritual hunger? What if your food panic is really spiritual panic? How will these realizations affect your prayer?"

"I believe that humans are naturally spiritual. We have a God instinct. This instinct is not peripheral to our health and well-being - it is essential. If we ignore or trivialize it, we decompensate and suffer. One of the most common symptoms of spiritual neglect is obesity."

"What if weight gain was God's way of getting your attention and an invitation to growth and love? How would you feel about being fat and how then would you pray?"

"Daily conversation with God (prayer) will change you. Often it will change you in ways you could never predict. Besides losing weight, you may discover that you are more forgiving and patient, more loving and understanding.
many report that they are more at peace and less anxious. The list of expansions, insights, healings - even miracles - is endless. The point is that something wonderful will occur. Expect it. Look for it and enjoy it. Then pray some more."

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