Tuesday, November 13

Back to Work

I had a very lazy three day week end. We did go to church Sunday. The only problem was we had to slip out after 4 hours. The kids were very uncomfortable and everyone was hungry. We enjoyed it, it just lasted too long. Leroy wants to start going to Crosstown Community Church and I think that is a great idea. They have the same service on Friday nights as they do on Sunday mornings, so if you want to free up your entire weekend you can go on Friday nights ;-)! The service only lasts an hour and they give good info.

I am teaching my Job Readiness Training to the Non-custodial parents this week, plus I have to teach a computer class for an hour this evening. Maybe no one will show up and I can go home LOLOLOLOL. I do want to show folks how to access the Internet though. There is a lot of info out there, that lots of folks don't know how to get to.

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