Tuesday, June 3

I am trying so hard to keep up with all these kids. Jake will graduate high school next year, but I may have to hire him a tutor in geometry!!! He has a prepaid CC 2 year thing, so he is taken care of!

I have George on a waiting list for a Magnet school for Mathematics and Technology. He is in gifted classes now in those areas so that should work out fine.

Jamila will be going to Academy Prep. It's a new school here in Tampa and she will attend 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th grades. They are remodeling and old school in Ybor city for it, and the curriculum should be challenging. It lasts 3 more hours a day than other schools and will be year round. It starts the 9th of June.

I have gotten Lee Lee into a Baptist school. Since she failed second grade, I think this will help. I also have to get her a tutor for this summer. She was able to get a scholarship for the school because she has been in speech classes all along.

Destiny will begin Kindergarten. I wish I could afford her to go to Baptist school too. She is bright and will do well where ever she goes, I just want her taught the Bible and not evolution.

And that is my life...................

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