Saturday, October 19

I can't even begin to go through all that has happened. Suffice to say, I get too involved with my clients and that I have terrible PMS.

My friend, Robert, brought a woman too me. A (recoverying?) crack head and alcoholic who had a little baby boy with a colostomy bag. She was homeless. I tried all day long to find her and the baby someplace to go. Tampa does NOT have enough homeless shelters! Anyway, it had me all stressed out, I had PMS and something additional happened at work that just about had me totally out of it. First of all, professionally I should not have got so emotionally involved with the woman. I just can't help it. I am emotional. I wear my heart on my sleeve and will probably never be able to be a successful social advocate because of it. I don't know.

The woman turned out to be actively using drugs and drinking. Now her and the baby are out of reach, and I am concerned. What can I do?


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