Monday, October 7

Destiny was sick today and the DayCare had me come and get her. First thing she did was throw up in the van. I have Meds for them all though. Strep Throat is a weird thing. You can have a variety of symptoms, and add a severly swollen, infected throat that has the strep bacteria and that's it.

I was able to mow the front lawn, clean the back yard and mow it, plus clean the house, so it was a useful illness LOLOLOL. I wish I had gotten so school work done, but I wasn't in the mood. Maybe later this evening or tomorrow. It will be done by the time I go to school this week end.

The yard work I did, Leroy should have done. I am not going to worry about it though. I'm cooking now. Chicken. Think I will do yellow rice and some type of green veggie and a salad. Hmmmm.....I think I will do Jello right now so it will be ready.

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