Saturday, September 7


Well I am back in action! I started my classes today. I had a class in "Coping with Disease and Death" that lasted from 9 to 5. Ironic kind of, isn't it? It was a GOOD class, and I enjoyed it.

I had watched the movie "Tuesday's with Morrie" and did a paper on it as my preclass assignment. I am prepared for my next class in Spanish on Friday from 12 to 8, then I have another on Saturday and Sunday all day. Then................I am through for the month!!!! Only papers to wright! No problemo!

I may have to ask the Doc for some more pain pills when I go back, but I am going to try to avoid it. I know I DO NOT want vicaden (probably misspelled) or Oxycontin EVER again. I hurt a lot though. My joints, my back, my head. I take tons of Aleve and that is really getting ridiculous.

I think I am going to buy a family member ship to the YMCA. Sounds crazy after what I just said doesn't it? You see my brain is still working normally and wants to do, do ,do, but my body has it's own ideas. I doubt if exercise could make me hurt any worse than I already do.

You know, pain or not. I am blessed. Each day is a blessing. I hope to use each one to the fullest!

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