Friday, September 20

Craziness at Work

We just finished our 10th Anniversary Luncheon. It was nice. I did a major Power Point presentation for it. You know..................something is wrong at work and I am not truly sure what it is. Folks who do less than I do, have been here less time, etc. make more money than me. Now there is nothing wrong with those folks, I like them, it's not that, but why do they pay them more. Educational levels are the same or even less than mine. Experience is comparable, but most of my experience is here because I have been here 7 years. I have had my trials while I have been here. I'll admit that. Maybe that has something to do with it. Now yesterday, when all the staff stood at the Luncheon, almost all executive staff was at table 9, I was at table 34. I keep telling myself that that doesn't make a difference, but it truly hurt my feelings. I will say that the my supervisor had came back to where I was after we had already eaten, but before the staff stood up, and said there was an extra seat up closer. I told her I was fine, and I was, until I noticed such a significant difference.

I feel very uncomfortable. I thought for a while it was racial, but that just doesn't sound right. Then I thought maybe it's because I came from "the ghetto", and I guess the ghettoism is still not really out of me. What is that.....classism? I'm smart though, I'm a quick learner, I have great computer skills.

Will wonders never cease......................someone just came in my office and had a talk with me. Explained what I needed to do. There is a management ritual, you know. A role that needs to be assumed that I have never assumed. Concessions to be made. WOW, light bulb moment!

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