Monday, November 10

I have gotten 5 children off to school. Found a uniform that defied being found, rescued a shoe that was under a mountain of clothes (clean or dirty? I have no idea).

Combed hair that I should have braided yesterday, dropped one off and had to come back home to get her signed "Friday Report" so she didn't get detention or "boot lunch" as they have it at the Academy.

Now I have cereal bowls half full on the table, milk left out from the night before that is probably going to have to go for the dogs, mountains of laundry, both dirty to wash and clean to fold. Not to mention my school work from my 12 credits I am taking this semester. Did I mention I need to finish stenciling the vines in my hallway, and that they just opened a new store here called "Old Times" that has the greatest stuff at the best prices that I HAVE to get to.

Maybe I need a nap before I get started!

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