Friday, September 12

Well, things have changed quite a bit. Monday they eliminated my postion at the CDC at so I am officially unemployed.

I didn't want to be there anymore and that's a fact, but I have had so MUCH stress lately that I weirded out for a couple of days. So much so that my husband had the ladies at the church come pray with me. I am sure glad they did too!! I also went to the Doc who changed my meds. She said I was having Panic Attacks. Once I found out what was wrong I almost felt better immediately. She also changed my Paxil to Paxil CR 50 mg. That is the time released kind. The she gave me so stuff to take at night.

I won't say anything else about the CDC because at least the way they let me go was decent enough.

I have filed for unemployment and got the letter about it today.

I made Lasagna tonight and am going to make a salad. You hungry?

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