Tuesday, September 2

Leighanne has always been distracted easily. I guess I have always known she was ADHD, but I didn't want to have her labeled. I was dead set against meds. She didn't learn anything in first grade but they passed her anyway because they were afraid she would fail 2nd grade too and she turns 9 in December. So she went to 2nd grade knowing nothing and failed 2nd because she had no foundation to build on.

I managed to get her a MacKay scholarship and Praise God for whoever this MacKay is, because now at least she is in private school. She does not do her work in class though and she has at least 4 hours worth of homework a day because of this.

I finally have asked the Doc for the Connor test so she can be diagnosed and put on meds to help her focus more in class. I bring her to work for two hours with me after school and I just can't tutor her for two hours every day at my job and then go home and do it for another 2 hours.

I decided not to try to graduate with my BS in December. I will do all my work this semester and then dual enroll in my last few credits undergrad and do a couple of Masters classes.

My stress level is pretty high right now.

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