Monday, March 10

Well, Lee Lee is out of school again today. The lice didn't quite get out, but I have done her hair again, and gotten tons of stuff done today! I got all my school things organized, Praise God! Plus I made folder for all the papers I need to have with me, like my YMCA schedules, stuff I am doing with church, To Do things, etc. Now I have to go deposit a check that my Dad gave Destiny for her Birthday and then transfer the money to Destiny's account, take some quick notes out of the library books I have and get them back to the library, go to the grocery store, get ready for aerobics class. Now that's not counting the 15 page claim for credit on Decision Making that I need to finish or my Autobiography which will probably take forever to do. I have the Women's prayer group at church tonight after aerobics. I wish we could combine the two!!! I do feel more organized though!

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