Sunday, January 19


I have to do one for a class I am taking, and so I will put parts here.

My first memory was of riding a tricylce around a house that had a lot of tombstones in front of it. Did I know they were tombstones then? I'm not sure, but I can see them now sitting there in the front yard. My tricycle was read and I could ride it around the side walk that went around the house very fast, but I had to be quiet because there were people in the front room of the house and they were very sad. I mustn't shout or laugh loudly. My aunt walked me through the front of the house past the people, some of whom were crying, back to back where the bedrooms were. We were going to take a nap, but we would ride our bicycles first by holding our legs in the air and peddling as fast as we could for as long as we could. Then we would take our nap. This memory is of a time I lived in an area of Oklahoma with my Grandmother's Brother and his Wife. The name I remember was Aunt Nell and Uncle Granvil. They had a business selling headstones.
I was born in 1960 to Stanley and Patsy Dean Snyder. My father was a Marine stationed in San Diego, California. He was a handsome young man from Kentucky and he met my mother in a bar. She was wearing pink. My mother had been married before and had given birth to two children, a girl Sherry who was born with problems in her hips, and a boy Billy. She divorced her first husband while he was in prison. Right before she married my father. It is my understanding that she had two other children (boys) in between my Brother Billy and me, but not a lot of people know about that. My mother told me, but she never told my father and my older sister doesn't seem to know much about it either. My mother told me they had black hair and were adopted by a preacher.
My mother and father's relationship was a turbulent one. I have heard different things from different people over the years, and in this paper I will attempt to be as honest as possible. I will change the facts as needed and based on who I give to read this. I would never let my father know that I would ever put down on paper some of the things I plan to share here. There are other things, I would not want my husband or children to know, but I am writing this for an anonymus person. Who are you? I don't know, but I know that there are a lot of things that need to go down here, and it ALL is going to go down here. Will I be able to finish this paper for my Portfolio class that I am going to write it for? Maybe not. Maybe after writing today, I will stop and do an outline, write the basics for the class and then continue on for myself. I will put in on my web log. Most of it. Not that parts that can affect anyone living, or hurt someone's feelings. That is not the reason for this. The reason is that it needs to be documented. The why's and the where's of who I am. So I will continue.............

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