Monday, March 26


FloridaSailLady said...

I found you by typing "AA picnic Ft. DeSoto" in Google Search, lol. It took me to your June 2001 site, ty. It is 3:40 in the a.m. and I read your whole June 2001 thing, it was a blessing to me, your honesty. Anyway, the website to read about the picnic on Sunday, April 29th is:
and the first meeting is at 8 a.m. with breakfast following, yoga at 10 a.m., another meeting at noon, lunch after that, stuff for the kids to do all day I think, and everything is free, with the last meeting at 4 I think. I thought you might be interested after I read your post below (on google search). Joni, Largo Florida

Yes, This is the Crazy, Hectic Life I Live.: June 2001 Today we are going to Ft. De Soto again. Leroy is working but I will take the ... Trees, grass, picnic tables, right next to white sand and clean water. ... - 183k -

Anonymous said...

Somehow I deleted your youtube address. please resend it.