Friday, October 28

When I first found out about blogging, and that has been a few years back now, I knew nothing of HTML or websites or inserting pictures and doing background. That type of thing.

Like I do with most things, I dove in head first. Spent countless hours designing this blog and my webpage on at Homestead . I did all kinds of web pages and had a ton of fun, BUT like I do with most things, I got bored.

SOOOOOO.............I no longer have my Homestead website and that is where all my lovely pictures and graphics were stored that made my Blog original. I hadn't even looked at my blog for a few months, but I did yesterday and changed the template to a generic one. I may or may not start working on this one, but I think I will probably start posting again.

I am not working now. My older son Jake is now married, in the Marines, and is living in Washington DC. My older daughter Joy is still in Oregon with Randy (her boy friend), Randy Jr. and Samantha. My son George is now 13, is 6 foot tall and weighs 230. He is into football and basketball. Jamila is now 12 and is in Step class and doing well in school. Leighanne, 10, began a new school this year where she is going a lot better. And, of course, Little Destiny is not so little anymore. At 7 years old she is very precocious, bossy, sensitive, mean, and sweet.

So, right now, I have no way for anyone to contact me as a permanent link, but I can be reached at I will add more later.

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