Friday, February 4

I printed my blog out the other day. It's about 500 pages. Man I have been through a LOT since I started this thing. Let me know if you think I should be crazy by now, okay?

I think I am going to get the supervisor job for my position and the Tampa
Bay Work Force Alliance. It wouldn't suprise me, I have been around Welfare Reform since the first day. Trying to help the ladies make it out. That's what I do, you know? Advocate for those in transition.
I had a young lady come to me today, 25 years old, works at Wendy's, has three children. Wants healthcare training to move up in life. I gave her a voucher to do just that and will hook her up with a buddy of mine who works for the WorkForce Investment Act to assit her with additional when the grant is renewed in July. I love it when someones wants to move up and I can help.

I have been sick this week, but have stayed up with work. Not with the house though.

Paula, my sister, is coming in a month and I am going to have to hire help with this filthy house. Sh*t.


Anonymous said...

If you find somebody good LET ME KNOW!! I need somebody too!

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