Tuesday, August 19

I got Lee Lee into her new Christian School today. She was the last to go. Everyone else started the 6th. Since I just got back in town Friday night, I am still trying to catch up. I have a lot to do for school myself and I have to get my afternoon schedule down pat yet. I am still not sure who to pick up first. Today, I am going to try to leave work at 4:30, pick up Lee Lee, catch the interstate, pick up Jake and then Jamila. Jake is doing OJT at an attorney's office from 1:30 until 5:00 now, and since Jamila is in the Academy Prep - I have to provide transportation. Same with Lee Lee and the Baptist School, but she gets out at 2:45 and I have to pay after that. Not much though....3.50 per hour. I don't know, I guess I will get it all figured out sooner or later.

Weird stuff happening in California too after the death and funeral.........now it is attorney time and my nephew's father was the first to the lawyer. I don't even want to imagine how HOT my sister was.

Life goes on...............

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