Monday, February 3

"A few scars, a little aging of the skin, all traced with beautiful
memories and perhaps not so great moments in nlife. Our bodies are
gifts! You'd be amazed at how you can change it from bad to good just
as you can from good to bad. If only it were as easy! Stay
positive, you never know til you get there!"

That is a quote from the "leader" in a fitness group I belong to now on Yahoo. It's the only group I really have time for lately. Did I tell you I am trying to get more healthy and LOSE weight?

I have been eating like a hog ever since I as on my Hep C treatment, and I just can't go on like this. I am up to 215 pounds. I weighed 170 when I met my husband and got down to 150 soon thereafter. I have been steadily gaining weigh for about the last year and a half!

I keep record of what I eat and what activities I have on Fit Day, like I mentioned before. I like the group in Yahoo. It's called FitnessExchange!

I am up for comments and advice now...................

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