Saturday, December 14

We had a wonderful picnic at the church today, but those kids sure can make a mess!! Leroy worked on the church's riding mower.

We took three of the George's friends with us and they all played football after we ate. Tons of kids were playing basketball, and most of the little girls were on the gym set. They had smoked a pig, we had baked beans, potatoe salad, salad, corn, bread, desserts, it was good!

I have been messing around online and checking out some of the Christian message boards, and you know what, some folks are really there is a whole population of people that like to bait these people who are "different". Odd stuff going on out there is cyber space.

I know one thing, and that is God is Love! His number one directive is to LOVE ONE ANOTHER. Does that mean, only love people who believe like you do..................that's not what it says to says Love Your Neighbor and I think I remember it saying to Love those who despise you. You know what, God has made me really happy..............each day is a miracle, and I just want to share that goodness!

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