Wednesday, November 20

Did you know Hungry Howie's Pizza has specials on Wednesday. Cheese Pizza for $3.99 and an extra dollar for any topping.

I'm full.

Work has be stretched out! I'm still working out at the YMCA. I love the aerobics instructed that teaches on Monday and Wednesday, but I can't go on Wed. because we go to church. I make the Mon. class though. He is so much fun! He flirts with the other girl's and it tickles me. I think he knows they need to be flirted with, know what I mean? We all love the class though!\

I bought a hand made wooden bowl from my online friend AL, who I have been corresponding with for about 7 years. He and his wife life up north. It's funny because this is the first time I have ever known what town he lived in. They are retired in their 70s and have a ton of Grandsons.

It's a beautiful bowl, and I will always have it to remind me of my friend AL.

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